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Social Media Is In A Uproar About Whether or Not Lala Anthony Is Pregnant

Today (December 27th), Power actress Lala Anthony has social media in a frenzy. On Christmas Day, pregnant comedian Amy Schumer took to the gram to post a video of her dealing with morning sickness on the side of the road. Since announcing that she was expecting, Amy has shared her early journey of motherhood with her followers including her recent diagnosis of hyperemesis, which is severe nausea throughout pregnancy.

To everyone’s surprise, Lala commented under Amy’s most recent vomiting video to say: “I’m with u!! Merry Christmas babe” accompanied by kissy face emojis and prayer hands. That comment can be taken a number of ways such as, support, experienced that diagnosis during her pregnancy with Kiyan, or that she is currently expecting herself! After dropping why seems to be deemed a hint, Lala was spotted out shopping by paparazzi rocking a dressed down casual look, fresh face, and fully covered baggy sweat suit.

Since the posted comment, social media and fans have been questioning whether or not the TV personality, actress and businesswoman is expecting baby #2 following her rekindled relationship with NBA ex-husband Carmelo Anthony. Back in October Lala announced that her and Melo have decided to work things out for the sake of themselves and their son.

“We’re good. I mean, we’ve been together for a really long time so we’re figuring out how to make it work for what is best for our 11-year-old son, Kiyan and what is best for us.”

Lala still hasn’t responded to presumed allegations nor deleted the comment. Sources close to the couple state that the two are very much madly in love with each other but that she is not currently with child. Shortly after the comment, Lala is seen holding a closed champagne bottle on her Instagram story, so there really is no telling whether or not she is expecting! Stay locked, we will keep you updated!

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