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Soulja Boy Is Being Accused Of Hitting and Kidnapping His Boo

Welp! As the Super Bowl weekend events and activities come to an end, the stories are just now coming about. On Saturday (February 2nd), a woman by the name of Kayla told Los Angeles Police that rapper Soulja Boy allegedly kidnapped her. Sources say the two were dating and she was at his Agoura Hills home on Friday night, and at the wee hours of Saturday morning around 2:30AM the two began arguing and she was told to leave.

When asked to leave, Soulja Boy’s apparent boo tried to do just that, but it didn’t go as planned. Sources close to the couple say she got into her car, put it in reverse and backed it down the driveway before clipping the curb. Soulja’s assistant claims to have witnessed the entire incident and became agitated which lead to the two fighting.

Sources close to Kayla tell a different story. They claim Soulja came out to break up the fight but instead he allegedly punched and kicked her while she was on the ground before taking her to the garage and tying her up to a chair with an extension cord. They claim she was tied up for about six hours.

Once she was untied and released reports state that she went straight to the hospital. She was treated for her injuries including three fractured ribs and a concussion and was discharged late Saturday night. She then returned home and contacted the police Sunday morning. LAPD acknowledges someone filed a kidnapping report Saturday morning and there is "an active investigation" but they can not divulge the name of the suspect or the alleged victim at this time.

If Soulja’s given name appears on the kidnapping report, Big Draco could be looking at jail time. He is currently on five years probation for a weapons conviction.He is not allowed to threaten anyone or possess any deadly weapon. We hope that this is all a big understanding and if not, Big Draco has some explaining to do! Hope this isn't apart of his biggest comeback of 2018 or 2019!

There’s no word from Soulja Boy yet following multiple attempts of being reached out to, but his manager tells TMZ he has not been able to reach the rapper but insists the claims are “bullsh*t” because Soulja "always calls me if there's any problem, and he did not call."

We will keep you posted as the story develops.

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