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Soulja Boy's Instagram Has Been Hacked While He's Locked Up and Hacker Is Asking For $1,000

Soulja Boy may have thought he had the biggest come back, but he might have to come retract that statement and come up off them coins to get his Instagram back.

At the top of the year, Soulja was buzzing in the blogs and hip hop with his trolling, diss tracks, and press runs about him having the biggest come back. Although his music never spoke volumes, hits like "Crank That" and "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" had Big Drako enjoying major success as a viral sensation.

Since his music hasn’t done much, his trolling has definitely helped boost him back to the height of his popularity. Besides that, he is a businessman. Launching a SouljaGame and SouljaWatch last year which made him bank!

With all the hype of that it now looks like things went left real quick. After reportedly violating probation earlier this month, Soulja has been spending time behind bars. Since then, his social media has been hacked by a random girl who appeared on his Instagram Live asking for $1,000 in return to giving him back access. The hijacker seems very adamant that unless Big Drako comes up off the rack she won’t be giving him back his IG handle.

There isn't much Soulja Boy can do right now but once he's free, you can imagine this will be dealt with fairly quickly. Until then, while he serves out the remainder of his time in jail, I guess we can expect his page to be held hostage.

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