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Suge Knight's Son Says Tupac Is In The Studio Recording New Music

Suge J Knight is sticking to his story about Tupac.

Back in October, the son of the infamous Death Row founder, Suge Knight, claimed that the West Coast Legend Tupac was alive and well. The last two evenings (January 18th- 19th), Suge J Knight took to Instagram to post that Pac is back in the studio and has new music coming soon.


Since, Suge J Knight has fans wanting to see evidence. He hasn’t verified what it is he means exactly. Is Tupac physically in the studio? Or is The New Death Row creating new material based upon the masters of previously recording tracks by the poetic emcee? For the masters of the records, this would entail the involvement of Shakur's estate. There were reports in the past about those in charge of Shakur’s estate planning to release two posthumous projects but there hasn’t been any following reports since. No one from the estate has come forward yet with any information that would corroborate this project either.

Following these continuous reports regarding Tupac hitting the booth to release new music, fans are demanding hard evidence to support these claims. The likelihood of this concept is very slim, some fans on social media are upset by the whole ordeal and some are calling Knight a clout-chaser. Now Knight's social media is being flooded with questions regarding these allegations. All I know is, if there is new music dropping from the legendary emcee, his estate better be behind it!

Check out Suge J. Knight’s Instagram posts below.

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