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T.I. Announces 'The Trap Muzik Museum' Pop Up

T.I. is proudly celebrating 15 years of trap music by curating a pop up museum as a tribute to Trap Music. The pop up museum is not only honoring the young genre’s history but it also in celebration for the rapper’s album “Trap Muzik,” which helped popularize the hyphy musical style of rap. Reports state that the Grand Hustle emcee collaborated with journalist Maurice Garland and ATL artist DL Warfield for the curation the museum. The purpose of The Trap Muzik Museum is to show how trap has become one of the most influential genres of music in the entire world. Highlighting the work and success of artists who are most associated with trap at the likes of Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and others. For more excitement it will also feature an “Escape the Trap” room. T.I. goes on to describe his desire of leaving a lasting impression on the culture and music during a recent interview.

“I wanted to make a classic. I knew I had to make timeless music, which could stand the test of time. It was about showing that even if you were participating in felonious activities, there were still other things you needed to deal with: you’re not just drug dealing but also dealing with a relationship with your parents, your girlfriend, having a child too young and being looked down on by society as one thing, when you’re actually much more than that definition… ‘Trap Muzik’ was kind of crystallizing this black experience into a piece of music.”

The Trap Muzik Museum will be opened to the public September 30th, 2018. Although the exact location hasn’t been disclosed yet, it is for certain that it will be held in the land of the Trap, Atlanta.

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