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T.I. Reminds The Hip-Hop Game Who The Real OG's Of Atlanta Are

Atlanta has been the breeding grounds to some of the biggest names in hip-hop culture since the 90s. Artists like Usher, TLC, and OutKast rose to fame in Atlanta, proving to the country that good music could be created somewhere other than the two established music hubs. Countless legends like T.I., Ludacris, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Lil’ Jon and more have paved the way for today’s top-charting artists from Future to the Migos. An entirely new style of rap and hip hop came out of the ATL, a style that has a specific cadence and flow that is unique to the city. Atlanta musicians and producers created a style and community, that was all their own which came to be an undeniable force in hip hop today. From there, music artists in Atlanta continue to make music that would top charts.

The Grand Hustler, T.I., took to Instagram today to celebrate some of the city’s OG’s such as Atlanta icons Luda and Jeezy. The caption reads,

“Be Clear.... these faces along with a host of others (that look like US) laid the foundation for the infrastructure/artistic ecosystem you now know as Atlanta. THIS OUR SH*T & WE RUN THIS CITY!!!! Don’t get it FU*K’d UP!!! We’ll adjust the temperature to make it as HOT or COLD as we see fit. If we ain’t wit it... it ain’t SH*T!!!! Sincerely - King 👑”

Although the these three Atlanta kings have slowed up on the music they produce and put out as they have turned to other business avenues, TIP, Luda, and Jeezy still remain some of the hip-hop game’s most iconic names. On occasion they will still drop some new heat but they have fell back for the most part to enjoy their well earned and deserved success to allow the new generation to thrive and pick up where they left off. As one of the biggest events in the nation is happening this weekend in the “A,” Super Bowl LIII, it’s good to see the unity that the city has. Shout out to T.I., Ludacris, and Jeezy for everything they have provided to the game including the opportunities and art they have made.

Check out T.I.'s post below:

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