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Taste, Taste, Let You Get A Taste! Tyga's 'Legendary' Album Goes Gold Hours After Dropping

In less than twelve hours, Tyga’s brand new ‘Legendary’ album has already been certified Gold by the RIAA. Artists like Future, Tee Grizzley, and more all dropped projects making last night a hefty date on the release calendar.

Earlier this week, Tyga announced his comeback effort before dropping Legendary. The title of the work may be boasty, but it’s countless number of smash hits with back to back lined up features throughout gives it every reason to do so. This includes the strategic track addition of “Taste” featuring Offset which was an executive decision that was made by Tyga and his label.

Used by many artists in the industry, this strategic move has been used for years in this industry. Take a single or two, to test the waters and which ever one hits big on the charts - you slap it on your forthcoming album for an easy platinum record included on the project. Already having “Taste” included on the album made it easy to achieve certification by the RIAA, considering it is one of Tyga’s most popular songs.

At this rate, don’t be surprised if the album goes platinum soon. We have to ask, which song are you feeling the most?

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