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Tekashi 6ix9ine and His Legal Team Are Working On A 2020 Release According To DJ Akademiks

Tekashi 6ix9ine may be getting out sooner than you think. According to DJ Akademiks, who is always sharing the details on his federal racketeering case, him and his legal team are working on getting him out as early as 2020.

Ak rattles off some of the expectations prosecutors have for his former rainbow haired bestie 6ix9ine, which essentially leads to him speaking freely on the bigger fish about his current situation and a possible release date.

"6ix9ine is holding up very well, and basically will be testifying if needed - so basically if anybody goes to trial he'll be testifying if needed - he's hoping that n***as don't go to trial. Think about 6ix9ine on a stand and people getting pictures of that. That will haunt him forever."

The popular personality goes on to cite some of 6ix9ine's motivations behind keeping Lance Lazarro in the loop, despite the possible conflict of interest. "[Lazarro] is the guy who made sure [6ix9ine] didn't get years after he got found violating probation in the child sex case," says Akademiks.

Akademiks drops the general date for his sentencing, which will be January 24, 2020 according to court documents.

He continues.

“But this is the new development. Both of the lawyers would advocate for 6ix9ine to be sentenced to only time served, when he comes to his sentencing on January 24th, 2020. Which means, if the case is resolved and nobody takes it to trial, and nobody pleads out before November, 6ix9ine will be able to go into court, and his lawyers will say we believe he's helped the US government so well, he should get no jail time and he should get out on time served."

Hmmm interesting…

If the judge feels like the assessment is fair, 6ix9ine could be a free man as early as February 2020. Of course, it's entirely possible that the court decides against it, in which case 6ix9ine will be resigned to his original fate and be headed right back to his cell. How do you think this one will unfold?

Check out the video below.

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