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Tekashi 6ix9ine Reportedly Cooperating With The Feds & Meek Mill Mentions That He "Saw This Coming"

Looks like Tekashi 6ix9ine is cutting a deal with the Feds according to Page Six. New charges were filed on Thursday (January 31st), but Daniel Hernandez isn’t named as a defendant in the latest “Nine Trey” court indictment.

In the new filed case papers, three new names appear on the now 10-person indictment but get this - 6ix9ine’s name is not one of them and is missing from the sheet after his named appeared on the initial indictment paperwork. Tekashi’s associates, Anthony Ellison, Denard Butler and Kintea McKenzie are the new names added and is now being charged in the superseding indictment.

The updated court papers reveal that McKenzie, aka “Kooda B,” who was recently taken in for the subsequent kidnapping of his former boss, and Tekashi’s former manager Kifano Jordan, aka “Shottie,” have been charged for allegedly carrying out the shooting at Tekashi’s rival, rapper Chief Keef, in Midtown in June. This raises speculation that the “FEFE” rapper may have turned into the informant after having his back pressed against the wall.

“It’s not unusual to do a cooperation agreement under seal to protect ongoing investigations, to protect witnesses or cooperating defendants…In my experience if you haven’t pled [guilty] publicly and you’re taken off the indictment, you’re cooperating,” said a federal criminal defense lawyer.

Hip-hop’s resident prison reform advocate, Meek Mill also chimed in on the situation after getting word that Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to testify against one of his associates, “Kooda B,” who was reportedly involved in an attempted Chief Keef-related shooting last June and it doesn’t seem to be sitting too well for the philly emcee. Following reports and video evidence, the Bronx rapper put a hit out on Chief Keef's cousin, Tadoe last year. However, Kintea McKenzie, the aforementioned associate, claimed that 6ix9ine paid him $10,000 to shoot the Chi-town rapper. Meek spoke out after hearing the news, penning "that’s a shame. When I came home, everybody was like 'he got some real dudes backing him,' [and] I was like how?"

He continues, “...stop running behind rappers acting like y’all ready to throw y’all lives away over some stupid shit .. I seen this coming a while ago.”

This is the first time the Meek is speaking on Tekashi or his current stint in prison of facing life in prison for racketeering, firearm, and other related charges. The Philly spitter mentions that “he saw this coming” which gives insight on his views of the situation.

In November, Manhattan prosecutors filed federal racketeering and firearm charges against the rainbow haired rapper while accusing him of being a member of the violent gang “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.” Which if convicted means 69 could be facing a lot of time behind bars. It doesn’t take someone with a law degree to put two and two together to see what’s happening here.

Check out Meek Mill’s tweet below.

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