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The Corner With Cory Giles & Hala Maroc Is Here! Every Sunday Tune In On Dash Mixtapes!

There’s nothing like choppin’ it up with some music heads like yourself on The Corner

Now you can, with Dash Mixtapes’ newest show, The Corner! Starting today (January 20th),including each and every Sunday following, you can tune into unsigned music trail blazers, Cory Giles and Hala Maroc. The two hosts will cover all things hip hop, discussing everything from emerging artists to veterans in the game to events in the community and much more. The two will encourage the following of @dashmixtape, @dashradio, @corygiles_ and @halamaroc to keep listeners connected and for daily updates.

During each episode, Cory and Hala will delve deeper into these updates to keep listeners not only entertained but correctly informed. To hear this dynamic duo, make sure to Download The Dash Radio App NOW! The app is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and download Apple Car Play and Android Auto if you drive.

Though Hip Hop is an entire culture, the music often speaks the loudest so you gotta check 'The Corner Prelude Mixtape' available now on Audiomack and Mixcloud. Released by Giles & Hala featuring music from Meek Mill, The Diplomats, City Girls, Cardi B, Lil' Baby, and others with over 2K streams between both platforms right now.

Don’t miss what’s coming hot off The Corner!

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