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The Dog Is Home!: DMX Takes Us To Church During Kanye West's Weekly "Sunday Service"

DMX took fans to church this past Sunday, as he lead the word as the special guest for Kanye West’s weekly “Sunday Service.”

The big dog himself delivered the morning prayer at the outdoor concert-like service that Ye has been conducting for the past couple of months with his A1 choir and band. X has always been one to bring the spirit and hype up the crowd with his religious verses sounding like a seasoned preacher, so it’s only right to have him deliver the good word. As we know he’s been through a lot in his life as he openly speaks on it.

As he shared the word he touched on topics including accepting Jesus, blessings, opening doors that were once closed, being highly favored by God, shooting down the devil, etc. It’s obviously resonated with the crowd as they cheered him on as he kept going.

Once the music began, everyone was cheering, singing and dancing. Especially North West who was showcasing her moves in full diva mode. Kanye’s church has been good vibes since the beginning with weekly meetups, a choir with great gospel medleys, and an overall good time. May they church say amen!

Take a look below.

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