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The Game Is Ready To Expose The Industry - "They Aren't Who They Say They Are"

With the arrival of his upcoming album quickly approaching, The Game had some things he had to get off his chest. In a recent private listening session, the West Coast rhymer was very descriptive about his relationship with Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian. Also revealing that he’s had sexual relations with the Kardashian sisters.

After an upcoming track was leaked about Kim K., he received major backlash but despite all the negative feedback, The Game is not falling back. Instead it looks like this is just the beginning of a musical tell all about the industry.

The rapper took to Instagram to his stories to write:

"Lotta foul sh*t going on in this industry will be exposed #BornToRap - “They are not who they say they are."

Following the hype of the Kim K lyrics that stunned the public, DJ Akademiks mentioned that Joe Budden is next up. After hearing the news, Budden called out the Los Angeles rapper. If you ask me, sounds like there are more targets in the Game’s line of fire set to highlight his upcoming project. Make sure to keep an ear out for upcoming releases.

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