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Trendz Luciano Is Bringing That Cali Heat!

Rising indie hip-hop artist Trendz Luciano is this week’s #ArtistOnTheRise! This artist is originally from San Diego, California but currently resides in Tampa, Fl. Since 2011, Trendz  has been making music and has released eight mixtapes. His last project released was titled Joker Season back in February of 2017.

He’s a self created visionary who feels his music pairs 90s passion with modern influences. He loves the art of rap and hip-hop. After rocking the stage at this year’s SXSW and A3C alongside Georgia’s very own, Cyhi the Prince, it’s clear Trendz is out here making moves. Trendz believes faith without hard work is dead and that when dedication is matched with hard work it creates clout within the industry. Luciano’s ambition has no bounds.

From his hustle to his catchy flows and creative visions there’s no denying that Trendz is next up! The passion in his lyrics stand out making him a respected rapper. With new music on the way make sure to keep an eye out. Listen to his music below by clicking the links. To find out more, check out the written interview between Trendz and I below.


•What inspired your name ‘Trendz Luciano’ – Trendz came from my love of fashion and being current . Something that’s trending always stays on top. Luciano came from the mob boss Lucky Luciano. We all know back then they all would wear designer suits so it’s reverting back to fashion . My moms first name is actually Luciana so if you drop the a and out an o it’s Luciano . Trendz Luciano.

•Would you consider your music to have influential sounds from both Cali and Florida?  – California yes because of cultural influence in the way I talk, the way i dress and certain things I was exposed to growing up there . I wouldn’t necessarily say Florida I would say the south in a whole has influences on me based off of the people around me and also what took over mainstream. I still remain myself when doing it and bringing the two coast together.

•Who are your musical influences? – I have a lot actually but the main 3 would be Tupac , ‪Lil Wayne‬, and ‪Fabolous‬. Tupac is as a writer and the way he represented everything he stood for showed me a lot and taught me a lot. He definitely helped me with song writing and he is my favorite rapper of all time. ‪Lil Wayne‬ was my favorite rapper alive since I seen him in the song “Bling Bling”. I was hella young but just to see a young him at a young age I just was like i would love to be in his shoes because he gonna take over . Then when his “Lights Out” album dropped I think i was 8 and my dad had bought it for me . It was so dope my dad just took it from me so he could listen too it. I was inspired at that point in time and then he just became crazy with the punchlines and metaphors and the rest was history . ‪Fabolous‬ is more of an idol and a favorite rapper . Part of the reason is just the way he carries himself and how he stays original to himself and his sound . After awhile people told me I sound like him and Big Sean so I got used to it . I have little elements that sound like him but I’m not in the booth like how can I do it lol it just comes out that way . Also I think I’m the freshest in the world so it just comes natural.

•As an indie rapper do you feel you want to stay an indie artist or would you eventually want to sign a record deal?  – If I could negotiate great terms for myself that would benefit me in the future I would sign a deal . I love music so much and I want to be here forever when it comes to music.

•How do you prepare for your studio session?  – Starting from the beat I become one with the beat and figure out what the beat tells me to say and then write . I hit the blunt a couple times sip some Gatorade and just lock in the studio. No distractions and go in!

•Was “For My People” back in 2016 the first track you’ve ever done?  – No that was the first track that was placed on iTunes under the name Trendz Luciano. Before my name was just Trendz before adding Luciano . I’ve been rapping since i was 14 but i started taking it serious when i was 19. In 2011 I knew I wanted to pursue my rap career for real.

•When in December can we expect “Luciano’s Wave?” – I’m thinking of pushing it back until Jan . No longer then that thou. I just want this project to be done right and have all the right tracks and not rush it . I want all my videos kinda lined up and going into the new year with new content to have an enjoy.

•Personally, “I Got It All” is one of my favorites of yours right now, what inspired the track? – I took a trip to Atl the weekend i wrote it . I just want to dive into the culture and give it a vision from my mind with my sound . If you listen close enough to the beat it has the Atl so but it also has California elements of If so I always stay true to myself when writing.

•Some fans may or may not know this but not only are you a rapper but you are a songwriter and composer correct?  – Yes , composer more or less lol that’s a fancy word to my for just owing your own craft . A rapper is just a face . Anyone can pick up a mic and say whatever especially if you write something and give it to them . Think of Eazy E when he started . He was just a rapper before he started writing his own raps . Me calling myself a song writer is me saying I wrote all my raps no help on anything . I have written hooks for other artists or helped them here and there.

* Which out of the three do you feel you enjoy more?  – Song writing I love . It’s me when I writing and I love to make timeless music. There is way more to me then just uptempo music because I’m actually a chill individual. I love samples so if I get a track on a sample i want to tell a story . When you hear my music and you think of the deeper side when you listen you will hear a message always and maybe a story depending on the topic.

•Coming to an end in 2017, what are some music goals you have for 2018?  – My Music goals for 2018 is to real break that mold from having recognition to having it . I may not be the biggest thing next year but I’m not gonna sell myself short because if I do then what am I rapping for. In this industry everything takes time and it’s a grind so I want to break the mold and really get out there and get active . In 2010 I graduate high school and went to the military so being in held me back from progressing. I got out this year in February. So I’ve been able to accomplish a couple major things for a guy that had no real knowledge of the business side of the industry.

•Where can listeners find your music?  – Youtube —Trends Luciano YouTube Channel – SoundCloud — Trendz Luciano – Spotify — Trendz Luciano – Apple Music ||  iTunes —Trendz Luciano •Let the listeners know your socials, so they can stay up on your latest projects and events. – IG: @ TrendzLuciano – Twitter: Trendz_luciano – Snapchat: RealTrendz – Facebook: Trendz Luciano

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