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Warren Wint Continues To Make Noise With His Debut Album "QuietAsKept"

Warren Wint and his 2018 debut album, ‘QuietAsKept’ continue to make noise since the release in September of 2018. The perfectly titled project is made up with lyrics, flows and beats to match the “Warren Wint Sound” that we are familiar with including singles like “Wasting Time,” “Maybe” and “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. A number of Warren’s hits, including his most recent banger, “Maybe,” are currently airing on MTVU, MTV Base Africa, Music Choice, BET Jams, VEVO, SiriusXM and Hot 97.

Kicking off the project with the electric guitar ladened track, “Keep That Energy,” sets the tone of the quality of work the listener is about to enjoy. To say that the NYC emcee is a versatile artist is an understatement. Tracks like “Maybe” and “D.W.Y.P” are melodic vibes reminiscent of decades past with a millennial flare. His love for poetry and musical influences from the late Michael Jackson and Tupac to Sade, are heard throughout the project. Warren became a student of the craft and sound, until he mastered a signature sound of his own. But don’t get it twisted, ‘QuietAsKept’ has those bangers like “Mad” and “Who’s This” that you could roll through the barrio with.

Quiet As Kept’ is a perfect marriage between Hip Hop and R&B. Kicking off with high energy and slowing it down before ending how it began, with the hard hitting flows of hip-hop intertwined with the slowed down tempos of rhythm and blues. The project is well rounded in style, skill and theory. Wint’s bars are A1, with multiple flows and cadences laid over captivating beats that come with a level of artistry. With that being said, take a listen to a project that will take you back to your youth with a touch of today’s hip-hop flare.

Stream ‘QuietAsKept‘ below:

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