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Welcome To SHATiFF's Inoculation Interview Series Featuring Podcast Host Sabrae

To kick off the first installment of the Inoculation Interview Series, “No Disclaimers” Podcast Host Sabrae and DC's well respected emcee, SHATiFF sit down to chop it up to talk Connecting Cool, Art CapSOULS, and more. The two jumpstart the interview by discussing Connecting Cool which is a networking platform used to connect innovators who create at his Hip Hop based for the culture events such as DTTC (Digging Through The Crates). DTTC is where the blended pool of guests come together to sift through an extensive collection of vinyl records which is usually in front of the DJ booth and can hand it to the DJ for him to spin. A great way to get others involved in the event by enabling the guests to create a playlist that everyone attending can enjoy.

SHATiFF has created a lane for himself that music lovers from the old to new school and all over can enjoy. Gathering all aspects of Hip Hop including DJs, hosts, artists and more to come out to these events to stay up on the culture. Branching off of DTTC, the hi-grade creative also has Supreme Perspective (SPRM PRSPV) which is a creative product company that features his Art CapSOULS.

To find out more about what’s included in the Art CapSOULS, the events and what Sabrae and SHATiFF discussed, watch the video below. Let us know what you think!

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