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Will Smith Confirms Filming For 'Bad Boys 3' Has Started

Let the cameras roll….

Will Smith took to Instagram recently to announce that the filming for Bad Boys For Life will begin soon. Will hops back on social media to announce that they have started filming for the last installment of the Bad Boys franchise. Will and co-start and fellow funny guy, Martin Lawrence, are seen posted up in front of a Bad Boy’s poster.

Smith and Lawrence were spotted jamming up Atlanta, Georgia streets as they film on set. To get back into character before filming kicked off, the two sat and re-watched the franchise repeatedly over the weekend. The Michael Bay-directed buddy cop movies are fan favorites and have made over $400 million worldwide. The debut film of the trilogy was released in 1995 and the sequel premiered in 2003.

For the last time, Will and Martin will appear as Mike Lowry and Marcus Bennett in Bad Boys For Life which is set to release in January 2020.

Take a look at Will Smith’s Instagram post below.

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