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Young buck Posts A Throwback Of Him & A Young Chris Brown AKA "C Sizzle"

What a throwback! G Unit’s former member Young Buck posts a photo of himself and a young Chris Brown, who at the time was aspiring to be the music mogul he is today! It’s crazy to look back and think of celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Chris Brown before the fame and string of hits, and how they lived their lives before making it to the major leagues.

Although Chris is still young, he’s been in the industry for over a decade and before he became “Chris Brown,” he was “C Sizzle.” At the time the Virginia singer was just an aspiring artist who wanted to fulfill his dreams as one of the greatest performers in musical history.

Thanks to Young Buck throwing it way, way back for #ThrowbackThrusday, we got a glimpse of C Sizzle before his rise to stardom. Buck took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and a high school aged Chris Breezy.

The photo was captured when Chris Brown was a sophomore in high school and he wasn't known worldwide by his government name. In fact, he was trying to make it as "C Sizzle."

The caption reads, "He took a trip to New York to record his debut album, 'One Love, One Life' over summer break. Chris is pictured here with Young Buck." It's unclear as to where the photo was taken or it’s purpose but regardless, this is a gem. Brown was unknown at the time and now fast forwarding to 2019, this has to be a crazy trip down memory lane for him.

Take a look at Young Buck’s IG Post below.

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