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Recommended for: All


Meet or speak with  Minnee for a consultation to gain information about the industry, get feedback on your music and/or to collaborate. 

Flat Rate:


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Entertainment Articles

Recommended for: Artists, Music Groups, Songs, Albums, Companies, Models, Press etc.

Writing articles about artists, events, pop culture, entertainment and fashion for a variety of publications on the East and West coasts, and down south. Content focused on pop culture and breaking news written for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other media outlets. 

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Interviews & More

Recommended for: Artists, Models, Designers, Creatives etc.


Get interviewed by multimedia journalist and personality, Minnee.

Other services consist of

  • Creative Direction /Music Video Treatments

  • Artist Development

  • Project Development/Management

  • Campaign Development/Management

  • Provide Talent (Models, songwriters, photographers, graphic designers, & more)

  • Voice Overs / Drops

  • Social Media Promo / Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Design / Flyers / Promo Clips

Interviews Starting at: 


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Recommended for: Artists, Groups, Models, Entertainers

Bios are key in this industry. Music business professionals are very busy individuals, who may deal with dozens of aspiring artists every week. Writing a drum-tight bio is the key component for a great promotion campaign. Words have power- the power to get more people to come see who you are.


With that being said, allow our staff to create an informative and upbeat bio for you, filled with useful information, detailed descriptions, quotes, and motivational language that can make them want to know more about you as a model, artist, entertainer, and more. Enabling them to want to listen to your story and help follow you on your career path.

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Press Releases

Recommended for: Album, Mixtape, Song

We provide professional press releases and distribution. With over 5 years of professional experience our staff writers have created press releases that have been featured in leading urban entertainment publications such as AllHipHop.com, The New MVMT, The Rapfest, This Is 50, Rap HQ, Socialite Heights, We Are Jersey Magazine, RESPECT Mag, REVIVED Magazine, and many more. To help individuals excel their brand and in their careers, our staff generate significant personalized industry standard press releases that jump out to the reader. 

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$0.12/per word

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Electronic Press Kit

Recommended for:  Artist, Group,Model, Company, Event

A digitalized promo package that is made up of important information about yourself, brand, and/or company. EPKs enable media press, labels, investors, and more to learn all  that there is to know about you and your brand. This extremely useful, inexpensive & convenient tool for self-promotion is usually hosted on the clients website or in some cases will take form of a website. Our mesmerizing and captivating EPKs include: detailed releases, pictures, bios, audio/video, downloadable media, performance calendar dates, press coverage and more. Both virtual and one sheet EPKs are available.

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