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4Real Got The City 'Big Mad' With Their New Single

Coming out of the stomping grounds of Elmont, New York, 4Real has the city “Big Mad” with their latest release! The NY streets are known for breeding some of the hardest and lyrically inclined rappers, and hip-hop duo De Graaf and J Don have showcased that they can hold their own. Their newest banger, “Big Mad” has the tri-state on smash!

On April 12th, 4Real premiered the official music video for their latest single, “Big Mad” and brought the city out. There’s no party like a 4 Real party that’s for sure! The visual kicks off with their homie walking from the bus stop getting ready to meet up for the video shoot before running into Graaf and J Don. The chirp of police vehicles, wind, graffiti and the complaints of the man about having to arrive alone gives a true city setting. The young man sees J. Don and De Graaf standing outside the video shoot location with a few foreigns - a Maserati and Rolls Royce, after walking a few blocks from the bus stop. The intro is funny but real. One thing is for sure though, there’s nothing funny about this duo of artists.

De Graaf is the first up in his red bomber jacket and beenie as his hard hitting flow just rides the beats. Filmed at Doha Nightclub NYC, everyone is vibing to his bars while he counts his bands. J. Don says, “Oh you just gon kill em like that Graaf? I got you” before launching into his verse. There’s flashes of him performing inside the club, outside next to the Rolls Royce and in the hallway of the club entrance flexing on them for fun as he spits his fire verse while the two hype each other. Shot, sliced, and directed by Creativity Qas aka Qasquiat, this neon illuminated visual is reminiscent of New York nights, with hues of red, magenta, green, and yellows the clips are just captivating. They really have the game on lock with this one!

Check out the lavish visual below and see why 4Real really has the city BIG MAD!

Stream “Big Mad” now!


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