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Al B Fresh Has New Music and A New "Free" Campaign

Athlete turned rapper, Al B. Fresh is back with some new material. This time, using his music to launch a nationwide awareness campaign focusing on inequality and racism in the United States, spotlighting oppressive laws directed at the African American community. To kick off the campaign, the traveling artist will release his latest single “Free” which not only contains a powerful message but is a track you can bop to. Accompanying the song release is a t-shirt line displaying the song title logo in front. The renaissance rapper will donate five dollars of each purchase to schools and youth programs.

A visual will keep the movement momentum with a controversial music video including deep symbolic imagery, shedding light on current issues from different perspectives. Specifically targeting self-hate growing amongst African Americans.

“This is not just style. It’s style with a purpose. After being mistreated and hated for so long, we forgot how to love. I think the self-hate among our communities also keeps us mentally enslaved. This campaign is sure to make a huge difference not only in the community but the Country” says Al B. Fresh about his new awareness campaign.

Check out Al B. Fresh’s visual for “Free” below.

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