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Ariana Grande Drops Her No-Skip Necessary Album 'Thank U, Next'

The wait is over. After much anticipation and video correlation, Ariana Grande’s fifth studio album, Thank U, Next is here!

The singer’s follow up project to last year’s Sweetener, is made up of 12 songs without any guests featured where she further unravels her recent emotional devastation. After dealing with the lost of f her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and a break-up with her then-fiancé Pete Davidson she really turned a rough year into something positive through her music.

The album’s emotional centerpiece lyrically details the pain that comes with staying in a relationship despite loving someone else, or even the memory of someone else. It’s a great blend of emotions with themes of self-confession and self-care throughout the album but there are playful moments too. In this album, Grande has definitely found her voice.

Ariana collaborates with producers ILYA, Martin, Tommy Brown, Baptiste, Happy Perez, Social House, & more. This is the skip free break up album of the year thus far and it seems fans can’t get enough, dubbing the album a “break up masterpiece.” The album is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Hit play, give it a listen and let us know what you think of her latest project.

Listen to Thank U, Next below.

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