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Beautiful Women, Drinks and Good Vibes In Rexx & A-Lexx's "Like Really"

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Beautiful women, drinks and good vibes is the epitome of Rexx and A-Lexx’s “Like Really” video. The Eastwick rappers' new visual begins with a woman bringing a bottle into the crowd. Filmed in Elizabeth’s New Jersey The New MVMT space, the dance floor is lit up with the crowd's phone lights as they bounce to the hard hitting beat. Animated waves and electric looking letters flash across the screen, some of the scenes are super imposed. Hot 97s DJ Drewski leans his star power, seen jammin and bobbin' to the track in the forefront of the scene as he outs on for his city Elizaebth, their artists, and The MVMT. Check out the live visual below:

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