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Bhad Bhabie's Snapchat Original Show Brings In Over 10 Million Viewers For Its First Episode

Whether or not you’re here for it, Danielle Bergoli is out here securing the bag by racking up them coins and numbers. The “Cash Me Outside” girl has launched her own show on Snapchat called "Bringing Up Bhabie,” and it brought in the viewers.

Snapchat told TMZ, that the show kicked off its first day this past Monday and brought in crazy numbers. They reported that it had over 10 million people tuned in, and believe that the show will be a monster hit because of the vast variety of people who locked in on the app. For example, on nationwide television, Keeping Up With The Kardashians brings in 1.5 million viewers an episode which is a significantly low number in comparison to Bhabie’s debut episode on Snap. However, the internet and television numbers are different.

There’s no say on how much she’s getting paid by Snapchat with her new show but it’s safe to say it’s a nice pretty penny. A representative from her camp has told TMZ before that she could easily surpass $10 million a year with all her new various streams of revenue. So not only does she have her new show on Snapchat, she recently locked in a six figure deal beauty and make up endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty, and is also currently on tour. You can say what you want about Danielle but one thing she knows how to do is to get to the money, and in 2019 it seems she’s doing just that.

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