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Brooklyn Freestyler Preme Is Bringing the “NRG”

Breaking out of the 50’s of Flatbush, Brooklyn, is Haitian rapper, Preme ! As we all know, poetry influences rap and Hip-Hop. Preme has lyrical poetic flows that are fire whether he’s spitting them at the local hot spot or behind the podium at church. Rap is apart of his being and he’s motivated by his family and brothers. In 2018, it’s a new year, new energy type of vibe for Preme. The Flatbush rapper releases “NRG”, spitting facts about positive energy and not wanting negative vibes around him in the new year.

Preme began rapping back when he was attending Penn State and his boys and him would cyph. After hearing how hard his freestyles were, his boys would constantly tell him they see potential in him and that he needed to start writing and taking his craft seriously. Listening to his homies, Preme started playing around with writing and found it to be very therapeutic.

Preme has been hustlin in these streets, sharing his talents by performing at art galleries all over Brooklyn, Binghamton, and Nuyorican. It was nothing for him to get on stage since he was already comfortable with an audience after performing at various spoken words and poetry events. The BK lyricist looks forward to one day performing for his fans at the Barclays Center. His sound is inspired by his lyrical role models Jay-Z, Biggie, Andre 3000, and Kid Cudi just to name a few.

The podium rapper has evolved as an artist switching up his sound a little bit from freestyles to tracks like his debut single “Space Checks” and latest banger “NRG”. All of his singles and freestyles can be heard on SoundCloud. His latest release “NRG” was curated by a conversation that Preme and his brother had. The Dollie produced record took about two weeks for Preme to write. When asked his motivation for the track, he responded.

“ The motivation behind this track was a conversation I had my bro where we was talking about the unlimited amount of (nrg) energy we posses as humans and how harnessing it can make anything you put your mind to possible. After that conversation I decided to focus on music and stay away from my weakness,women and anything negative.”

Sticking to his word, Preme is still focused on the music and working on releasing a new hit single for the near future. Check out “NRG” below.


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