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Charlamagne Tha God Gifts Lauren London With Nipsey Hussle Tribute Piece

Fans and celebrities continue to honor the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle, and Charlamagne tha God is the latest to do so. The well-known radio personality, gifted the late West Coast legend’s longtime girlfriend Lauren London with a very special piece of jewelry from renowned jeweler Greg Yuna. To be more specific, Charlamagne gave London a eye catching, gold pendant with Nipsey Hussle’s face on it as a gift.

Greg Yuna shares some insight about his motivations for this particular stunning piece of jewelry, and Charlamagne’s approach wasn’t the only reason.

“I originally wanted to make a tribute piece regardless of being approached, but to make one with this purpose was even more fulfilling… I had to find the best picture of him that I thought would be most suitable and iconic.”

Yuna continues to break down the creation process of Charlamagne’s special gift for Lauren London.

“Then we make a cad and spend tedious endless hours on the computer trying to get as much detail as possible in so we can print it on a state of the art 3D printing machine. Finally, we cast it in gold and laser in the tattoos and do the finishing touches including the hand-selected full cut diamond in his ear.”

Yuna adds the message he wanted to convey with this specific piece.

“The paisley on the back was a symbolic depiction of his roots and a lot of what he represented… ‘God will rise’ is what his name means and I think that says it all.”

The talented jeweler says he has the “utmost respect” for the West Coast legend, although Yuna can only recall one in-person encounter with Nipsey Hussle. He praised him as a “phenomenal artist” whose musical legacy will thrive forever. He reflects on his only encounter with Hussle and states, “Even from one interaction you can tell he was a beautiful impression.”

Take a look at the Nipsey Hussle piece that Greg Yuna designed for Lauren London as a gift from Charlamagne tha God below.

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