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Corey St Rose Has “No Time” in New Music

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Hailing from Brooklyn is lyricist Corey St. Rose who is influenced by the style and hustle of Hip Hop powerhouses ‪Kanye West‬, Drake and ‪OutKast‬. Ever since he and his father created an in home studio four years ago, Corey has been in the studio recording music non stop. Entrepreneurship is his top career goal in this business.

St. Rose has worked with producer Tyeon Thompson on his two projects: “True Colors” released in 2015 and “Vibes” released in 2017 which spread his name in the local music scene putting him on the radar of industry representatives.

Corey isn’t the type of artist to just throw together projects; he spent two years on “True Colors” and eight months on “Vibes” featuring his own artist Double R. Considering how well his last few projects did, myself and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store next! The BK artist is currently working on a third project but just released his most recent single, titled “No Time.”

Motivation behind creating the track?

Just going in the studio hearing  the beat & just vibing to it. Which is my regular routine I don’t think about all the extra stuff at all.

Any features?

Double R , He‘s my artist. He’s on the rise as well.

What’s next?

Working on my 3 project & Just Giving The People Quality Music In The Mean Time


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