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Def Jam Enters A New Era and Rleases First Episode Of Their Eight-Part Docuseries, Undisputed.

Def Jam has entered a new era and has found an innovative way to introduce the newer artists on their talented roster to the world. In doing so, the legendary record label aired the first installment of their eight-part docuseries, Undisputed. The series follows the creation of the album with behind the scene looks and tours the astonishing stories of the artists involved in forming the new compilation album. Seventeen of the label’s newest signee come together to build the project. Along with the first episode of the docuseries, the famed label released the the accompanying album that is also titled, Undisputed.

Highlighted within the series is the six day Rap camp that Def Jam executives Steven Victor and Alexander “AE” Edwards put together earlier in the year. Label exec, AE goes on to explain the thought process behind the six day session.

"This is bigger than music. It's about energy.. This is us taking the new wave—all the young, undisputed, untamed artists—young kids, young niggas, young queens, young women and putting them in the jungle with booths in it. And we gon' see who eat and who get full and who stay hungry and who willing to scrap for that shit!"

AE continues,

"When you're building a team, you hope that they want it for themselves as bad as you want it for them… And the ones that want it the most are gonna be the ones that show up and they're gonna force the focus. And our goal is to get them all to tap into their full potential."

Victor chimes in by saying:

"We want all the new artists to push each other to finish this album. Like, it's always good to have competition."

The rap camp resulted in Def Jam’s Undisputed album, which has been released today (March 9th). The 15-track project features contributions from YK Osiris, YFL Kelvin, Bernard Jabs, S3nsi Molly, Lil Brook, TJ Porter, PVRX, Nasaan, Fetty Luciano, Landstrip Chip, Billz, Sneakk, Lul G, Dominic Lord, Striiipes, Ashton Travis and Nimic Revenue. Tyga, YG and Rich The Kid make surprise guests appearances on the compilation album as well.

The first episode kicks off with three artists recording, creating, and pioneering Def Jam’s new wave as we meet Cleveland’s newcomer YFL Kelvin, Harlem’s TJ Porter, and Florida crooner YK Osiris. These three musicians showcase their talents at a Los Angeles studio where we get a chance to learn a little about each of their stories and how they got the opportunity to be on the roster of such an iconic record label.

Take a look at the first episode below and give the album a spin and let us know your thoughts!

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