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Do You Think He Can Handle It?: Trey Songz Shoots His Shot At Megan Thee Stallion

Trey Songz tried to brighten Megan Thee Stallion’s day by shooting his shot considering the tough week she’s having with the recent passing of her mother. Although her career is on the up and up with her banging new singles, her world was rocked to its core when her mother unexpectedly passed away.

Trey took to Twitter to shoot his shot at Megan after listening to her hot single “Big Ole Freak.” The Song must’ve gotten Trigga turned on and ready to fire off because he tweeted:

"Big Ol Freak make me wanna knock the stallion head off for the culture," said the R&B icon, adding a shrugging emoji.

Fans quickly responded saying it’s too early for that and they’ll come through with the assist later on. Although Trey didn’t tag Stallion in his tweet, it was obvious who the post was intended for and the rapper caught wind of it, responding shortly after.

With the quickness, the “Sex” femcee shut him down saying, "Somebody tell Trigga he can’t handle me...”

The laughing faces and ellipses insinuate that this flirty exchange may not be complete so perhaps we may spot some more back and forth between the two. In the meantime though, Thee Stallion appears to have no interest in Mr Songz.

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