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Michael Jackson Estate Win Legal Battle Over "Leaving Neverland" With HBO

At the beginning of the year, HBO released a disturbing documentary titled, Leaving Neverland, that has since set the world in a whirlwind. The four hour long documentary features horrific allegations. Describing that at the height of his stardom, Michael Jackson began long term relationships with two boys (James Safechuck and Wade Robson), aged 7 and 10, and their families. Fast forward to now, in their 30s, the boys who are now men tell the story of how they were sexually abused by Jackson.

After all of the back and forth between the Michael Jackson Estate and HBO, it has somewhat come to an end. On Thursday (September 19th), Judge George Wu issued a temporary ruling in which he denied HBO’s motion to dismiss the estate’s case. The judge has sided with the estate and decided to allow them to take the network to arbitration.

The Jackson estate argues that by running the documentary, HBO violated a non-disparagement agreement from a 1992 concert film from Jackson’s “Dangerous” tour. According to HBO, they state that the 26-year-old contract no longer applies.

The final ruling is expected at the end of September. Although a later report mentions that the judge’s ruling is indeed final but an appeal from HBO is expected so the fight will continue in some form.

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