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Saweetie Taps Melii and Becky G For New Rendition Of "My Type"


Saweetie turned 2019 up with her hit single “My Type.” So much so that it has even been featured in commercials, shows (Claws), and more. As if the Bay Area raptress wasn’t already quickly rising to stardom, “My Type” definitely put her on the map.

Between its beat and lyrical content, it’s hard for anyone to not rap along. Once the visual dropped showing a street party in the Bay Area and Saweetie twerking on a basketball hoop, the track's status elevated to a whole other level. It even landed her a placement on Billboard's Hot 100.

After the official remix of the catchy banger featuring Jhene Aiko and City Girls, Saweetie is back with another rendition, this time a Latin Remix. This time she taps two Latina babes for the assist. Alongside Melii and Becky G, the trio lyrically weave in and out of English and Spanish adding a spicy flair.

This single continues to thrive as it has a “type” for everyone. The latest version of the record is set to get the Latin clubs popping. Take a listen to the latest version as it’s filled with Latin vibes, and let us know what you think!

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