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Eric Jefe Is Causing A Tsunami With New Single “Whirlpool”

Emerging artist Eric Jefe is putting on for Canarsie. His versatility as an artist within his craft makes him a multi talented creative force. He began writing music as a youngin at the age of nine, but didn’t start pursuing his music career until the age of eighteen.

His recently released track “Whirlpool” was born out of the liking of a beat he was listening to in his free time. The bass trembling track took Eric just three days to create and was produced by A Leon. The recent single, “Whirlpool” doesn’t have any features and gives fans a taste of what to expect on the mixtape he’s working on. Keep locked for a whirlpool full of new music from the upcoming artist Eric Jefe but for now listen here for “Whirlpool.”

Motivation behind creating the track?

I literally was at work joking around messing with beats that’s what I do on free time. Check out beats. And I mean I just ended up liking the beat and going with it.

How long it took to create?

Probably about 3 days honestly. It was just recording it that took some time.

Who produced it?

The beat was created by soft fire sound was produced by A Leon.

Any features?

Nope, solo on this one.

What’s next?

I’m working on a mixtape currently, just trying to get my fan base going. I know my music has its own unique sound and I know there’s people that mess with it. 


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