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Faneto Shows Fans How To Handle Business In Latest Video

Popping out of Wilmington, Delaware is independent rapper and song-writer, Faneto. Raised in Wilmington and Chester, Faneto considers both Wilmington and the Ruth Bennett Projects to be his stomping grounds, having resided and experienced most of his growing up between the two cities. His musical journey began back in 2015, where he went by the stage name “Babylon the Rapper” He used his music to express the losses and battles of inner city urban living. After a two year hiatus, Faneto decided to return to music. Kicking off 2017 with his Heartache project on Spinrilla since his hiatus, the 302 rapper received a variety of positive feedback from heavy hitters in the industry enabling him to really understand his talent. With this understanding, Faneto began focusing more on his craft, delivery and the fine tuning of the content he curated before pursuing his career as an artist. Now, with an extensive catalogue of radio ready hits prepared, Faneto feels that it is time to take things to the next level and take his music career to new heights!

When asked if he agrees that when writing a hook most times simpler is better and helps the song stay with the listener longer this is what he had to say:

Absolutely, short and sweet and repetition is always better, simpler in hip hop. Now when it comes to other genres of music, it varies. Those other genres of music aren’t as evolving as hip hop has been. Hip hop and the culture has always been an ever changing and transforming genre. What other music genre has been able to incorporate other genres in it and remain successful like Hip Hop has? You got jazz in hip hop, rock in hip hop, country in hip hop, I mean I could go on. But you cant say that about Rock, you cant say that about Country or other genres. Aint no country jazz or r&b rock songs. I mean sure they may exist, but they haven’t seen the same mainstream success as has been seen with artists who have incorporated those other genres in Hip Hop. 

Whats next? Faneto has a variety of unfinished music that he is currently working on, but will be releasing records within the next few months to keep you entertained!

For now, watch Faneto's "Handlin Bizness" video below:

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