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From NYC to the Tampa Bay Jay Stunna Shows Fans Why They Hate To See You Up

From New York to Tampa is Florida’s own Jay Stunna! A musical artist is someone who’s passion is to create and perform the music they love. At the age of eight, Stunna picked up his fathers guitar and since has wanted to pursue music and perfect his craft.

Fast forwarding a few years to where Jay Stunna released his first mixtape “Inside of a New Yorker.” Not only does he write and produce his own tracks, he does so for other artists as well. In 2016, the New York native worked with an engineer from Atlanta, a songwriter from Alaska and a singer from London to collaborate on his single “Ride Out” which solidified what type of artist he wanted to become. Stunna is a self made artist who is real and puts his all into his passion speaking real life facts through his lyrics. He wants to share his love for music with the world and fans.

His most recent single “They Hate To See You Up,” came to light while on a flight back to Tampa from NYC. Being in the city gave Stunna a different vibe. As he sat in the airport going through different beats he came across this one beat and instantly knew he wanted to use it for his next track. The track was produced by Shy Glizzy’s producer, Balik. The record took about two days to work on. The visual took place in downtown Tampa with cameos from street dancers and a crowd watching and having a great time!

Jay Stunna is working on new music and there’s talk of a possible new project coming later in the year. You can watch the official video below but it can also be checked out on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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