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Go To New Heights With Malik Rose in New Single “Fly Away”

Since his music debut in 2016, Malik Rose continues to bring the heat with his conscious rhymes. One may think his success was overnight, but this traveling artist has been grinding. Not only is he lyrically talented, but his love and passion for the art speaks volumes. The hype from his single “False Profit” put Malik on the map as an out-of-the box conscious rapper. To keep up the momentum, Malik followed with “Fly Away,” his second single off his solo debut mixtape, ‘Detox.’

Predicting breakout artists can be challenging but it’s clear that Malik has what it takes! His expressive positive messages paired with dope visuals keep fans yearning for more. Recently, he released, “Fly Away.” His raw voice coupled with the soothing sound of the Alicia Key’s sample balances a powerful story.

Music in 2017 was never short of fresh sounds and “Fly Away” is an example. Both “False Profit” and “Fly Away” can be found on his solo project, ‘Detox,’ which dropped October of 2017. The album is nothing short of amazing and is available on all major platforms.

Check out “Fly Away” below:


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