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Jay Sek Fills In the Audience On What Him and the Fans Are All About In Latest Single

There’s more heat coming out of the Big Apple, this time from ambitious rapper Jay Sek! Jay Sek is from Plainview, New York and is already curating a buzz in the city by using his emotions to bleed through his music. His high energy sound is inspired by some of his musical influences like Drake, J. Cole, ‪Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Uzi Vert. Anytime a song of his comes on, you can’t help but to get hype and rap his lyrics. When asked what motivates his passion, he states:

“I want to bring people together, as well as make people feel a sense of enjoyment when they listen to my music, which, to me, is extremely important. To bring people out of negative situations and into a new world filled with enjoyment through music, that is something special.”

Since Jay’s start in hip-hop his music has been played on the radio and currently circulating through SoundCloud. So far, Sek has released five tracks, one being the Taylor King produced “This is How We Do It,” which has already accumulated over 40,000 plays. In total, the singles are nearing 100,000 plays on SoundCloud in just three months.

What’s next? Jay Sek is set to be releasing his upcoming mixtape, ‘Best Regards’ in the next few months. So make sure to keep an out for that! But for now, check out the “This Is How We Do It” track below. As always – “Say you love the Jay, but the Sek doesn’t compare.”


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