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Jay Solstice Uses His Lyrics To Put On for Jersey and Give Back to the Youth In Camden

Jay Solstice, out of Camden, NJ is a rapper on the rise. His sounds are inspired by artists like Kendrick Lamar, 6lack, but most of all Jay-Z. Jay is a versatile artist who uses his lyrics to express his views and reach out to other aspiring artists. He’s big on giving back to the community. In 2013, he opened a recording studio in Camden to enable the youth to showcase their talent and keep them out of trouble.

Jay has been making music since 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 he began taking it more serious. Some day one fans may know of him as his alias J-Dice from back in 2013, when he released his first project titled, Chrysanthemum Throne.

Jay remains humble with a tranquil attitude creating great vibes through his music. Continue reading to check out somethings that Jay Solstice and I talked about during our phone interview. Might even come across some exclusives! Also, listen to his music by clicking on the links below.






What music did you listen to growing up that has inspired your sound? – “Hip-hop and Japanese classical music.”

What album and/or song would you say made you fall in love with hip hop? – “Big Pimpin- Jay Z because the melody was catchy and I was use to hearing my big sister listen to Brandy and Mya all the time.”

If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

– “Jay Z. He’s a big influence. His my “Biggie or Tupac”. I’d compare myself to him because I’m working on establishing the fluidity of Music and business. I want to use the music to do more and make business moves.”

Us both being from Jersey, and knowing a lot of artists who’ve put on for Jersey like Lauryn Hill, Wyclef, Whitney, Fetty Wap, Mike Zombie etc… Do you feel Jersey is having more and more of an influence in today’s hip hop and no longer so low key? – “Yes I do feel Jersey is putting on more. It made a shift in hip hop because we were tired of being the little brother to all the other big cities like NYC, Philly, Atlanta, Cali.”

What inspired the title of your latest project Carmina?

-“Carmina which actually a lot of people don’t know that it’s full name is “Carmina Gadelica” which means the book of songs. It’s a book full of poems and religious hymns. The title from my previous project “Seasons”, actually came from a piece of work in that book. Also a city from a video game I use to play was called Carmina.”

What inspired the album? – “It was a way for me to express my love to my exes and talking about different situationships I was in.” What are some music goals for you in 2018? – “In 2018 I want to do more performances and more visuals. Build my brand and communicate more. Work on artist development. Work on new concepts for the visuals. I also been thinking a lot about going to school for vidoeography and directing. I would like to get my Instagram followers and subscribers up too.”

Talking about getting your Instagram followers up and building the clout, how important do you think image is for an artist? – “Very important. My brand is an extension of me, so it’s very important. I want the fans to know my brand expresses the real me. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the brand.”

New projects or events coming up? – “There’s going to be new project that I’m working on but I can’t tell too much LOL. The team is still working really hard to promote Carmina, and maybe a possible tour just have to wait and see.”

Make sure to follow @JaySolstice on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud to stay up on his new projects.

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