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Kev The Pope Releases 'Crazy Weird Cool Love' With "Had To" Visual

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Coming out of Brooklyn, New York is Kev the Pope who in fact grew up in the same building as Hip Hop legendary emcee, Sean Price. Being apart of a musical family, Kev was heavily influenced by hip hop and reggae growing up which later inspired the curation of his own sound. He came about his unique style of music by melding together the two genres all while also experimenting with pop and R&B sounds. His music is relatable and touches many people across a variety of demographics. When Kev was younger, he would often be spotted outside of the building hanging at the basketball courts rapping - where he was discovered by Sean Price himself and would later become his protégé. “I knew he was living in the building, but at the time I didn’t really know who he was,” Kev recalls. “I wasn’t too in tune with his music, but I would play basketball with him from time to time and I started to check out his music. I decided to rap for him one day, and he loved it. He gave me my name on the spot – Kev the Pope – and from that day forward we used to chill every day. As I got older he would introduce me to a lot of people in the industry and he really blessed me with some keys and some knowledge of the game.” As of late, Kev the Pope continues to use that knowledge to continue on a successful career path that he’s created for himself. His lyrics hold weight for many people who come from the struggle and who have been exposed to adversity. There is truth behind the lyrics he spits. They’re either stories from his own personal life experiences or from the lives of those around him. A couple days ago, Kev released his debut album “Crazy Weird Cool Love” consisting of 10 songs and featuring special appearances from Jav & Janay Nicole. On June 1st, Kev the Pope also dropped the visuals to his single “Had To” off the recent project. The record was created during roughing times. He began living on his own after his parents split and dealt with losing three music scholarships making the transition not so easy, but the music has always provided an outlet for Kev. He has a genuine passion for it. Fans can expect more from the arising artist including more music and more shows. “I want my followers to know that they are in for a long ride because I didn’t come in for a sprint but for a marathon and I want them to be apart of this journey.”

Listen to Kev the Pope’s latest release below. https://open.spotify.com/album/1ejs9AWexrCFNC27PVSFqg

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