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Kim Kardashian grosses $10 million in 24 Hours from online fragrance sales

As we know, the Kardashians have always been good at securing the bag, especially Kim! On Wednesday, November 15th, Kim Kardashian West made $10 million in 24 hours after releasing her newest trio of fragrances from her KKW Fragrance line. The most amazing part of it all is that not a single customer experienced the smell of the perfume before purchasing it.

Kim’s fragrance line became available online Wednesday morning, and only 300,000 bottles were produced. The perfume was expected to be completely sold out by Thursday night and their projections were right! Customers had the choice between 3 fragrances: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus. After the robbery in Paris last year of Kardashians jewelry, the model used healing crystals to calm her nerves, which are now the cornerstone of her perfume line.

The launch of a social media campaign by Kim brought in $1 million in just the first hour of sales. Kim was involved in every step of the production – no collaborations necessary. She pitched the social media campaign, developed the scents, and even created the packaging. Finally when all of the 300,000 bottles are accounted for, she will have made $14 million within the first 36 hours.

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