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Listen to the Tru Story of Brooklyn’s Unsigned Artist

The read between the lines rapper, Tru Story is bringing that classic hip-hop to your ears. His solo self titled mixtape, “Tru Story” continues to do well digitally and is resonating with the fans even more! He uses his music as an outlet to tell a story, his story. On this project he works with upcoming producers like Mel Muzak, BKLYNMadeIt and Peersonile. The mixtape also features artists such as Montana Sparks, BYP, Teddy G, and more. Tru Story is the perfect name sake for this artist as well as the project since it gives fans an insight to his life.

His style of storytelling mixed with his hard hitting metaphors make it obvious who is musical influences are. Tru Story’s music not only reflects who he is, but what he’s been through. His video “Read Between the Lines” was inspired by real life experiences. His stylistic visuals match his narrative lyricism making him more entertaining as an artist. Brooklyn’s unsigned artist is working on the second installment of his debut mixtape along with his upcoming showcase on January 27th.

Press play to watch video now.

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