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Money Carsin - Count It Up (Audio & Video)

Camden, New Jersey’s Money Carsin has been making moves in the music industry for years. Even though he played basketball in high school on a division one scholarship, that never stopped Money from hitting the studio. Since college, he’s appeared on multiple tri-state mixtapes hosted by Dame Grease, DJ Delz, DJ Wes Will, DJ Diamond Kutz, DJ Alamo, DJ Superstar Jay and many more. The 856 rapper has also worked with a list of industry producers such as Leon “Pop Traxx” Huff Jr. & Rock and Roll Hall of famer Leon Huff Sr.

Back in 2015, Money worked on projects with renown Grammy Award-winning producer JD Walker, and currently has records out with Jeremiah, Fred The Godson, and Redman. His most impactful single is his 2017 hit “Big Bro.” This is because it sets him apart from other artists.

“Everyone wants to be “Lil” this and “Lil” that so in the era of Lil dudes here I am BIG BRO!” - Money Carsin

The “No Hard Feelings” rapper is currently wrapping up his #MMC ( Mogul Mode Continues “MMC”) project. A dedication to his late Manager Marco Goldin who would put up an inspiring post with the hashtag #MMC. He leads the album off with his single “Count It Up” produced by Basic Beats.

Check it out below —

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