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New Heat Coming From South Jersey: J Mag “ENVY”

Fresh out of South Jersey is J Mag with his latest single “ENVY.” The creativity of the track unveils J Mag’s developed and evolved sound as heartfelt and genuine. The versatile artist’s fast paced bars are completed by melodic beats. “ENVY” is a track about recognizing who or what your enemies are and how to persevere. J Mag wants the fans to know who he is and what he’s been through.

“I actually wrote this song about a year ago. I was in a secluded place; mentally. I felt like the world was against me and everything I did would backfire on me.”

The no features track took him less than a week to write. It was produced by Sean Divine and Jurd Beats then mix and mastered by Jay-O.

In recent years, his dedication birthed two mixtapes: his most recent being “Fired Up” released in 2017 on SoundCloud and the unreleased “Sincerely Yours” which was hosted by DJ NoPhrillz dropping in 2018. Being as professional as his rhymes are creative, he was published in 2008 with ASCAP. His skill carved a spot not only among his local scene but in Philly, in which he considers his second come.

His adoption by the city was solidified by his partnership with engineer Jay-O of HQ Studios. J Mag is currently grinding, in works with producer Hank McCoy, rapper Sean Vegas and Philly’s own Shawn Smith.

J Mag has a lot planned for 2018. The Jersey native is gearing up to drop the DJ No Phrillz hosted mixtape at the end of February. In April he will be releasing the visuals for “Envy”, and a joint EP with Hank McCoy, followed by a debut solo EP in June.

Check out his music by clicking the link below & follow him on—

IG: @jmagofficial Twitter: @jmagofficial1 SnapChat: @jmagofficial Facebook: @jmagofficial


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