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New Music From Camden’s “No Hard Feelings” Rapper Money Carsin

Jersey rappers are out here shaking up the game with their lyrical skills. Hailing from south Jersey is Camden native Money Carsin. Playing basketball in high school on a division one scholarship never stopped Money from hitting the studio. Since college, he’s appeared on multiple Tri-State mixtapes hosted by Dame Grease, DJ Delz, DJ Wes Will, DJ Diamond Kutz, DJ Alamo, DJ Superstar Jay and many more. Currently the 856 rapper is working on his debut LP with platinum producer JD Walker. A few months back in September of 2017, Carsin dropped his EP ‘No Hard Feelings.’

The title of the EP comes from the confidence that Money Carsin has in his craft and team. The project features some fellow hometown artists like Camden Premo, JBiggs The Jerzey Boi, Melo V and Funch the Camden Kid. Carsin is an artist who puts his emotions into his music making it easy to craft a track. “No Hard Feelings” took a month to record and the track list was finalized in two weeks.

Off of his recent EP, his favorite track is “Big Bro.” This is because it sets him apart from other artists.

“Everyone wants to be “Lil” this and “Lil” that so in the era of Lil dudes here I am BIG BRO!” – Money Carsin

The big bro MC has been rapping for over 14 years. He uses his music and knowledge of the industry to encourage and influence the younger generation of artists by showing them the rules of not crossing the lines. He knows all about struggle, losing it all and grinding to get it all back and then some.

With over eighty thousand Youtube views and over one hundred thousand Spotify views, it’s clear that his art is anything but little. The single’s official video was shot in his hometown Camden without the distraction of fancy cars or smoke and mirrors. He wanted to showcase his team and their authenticity.

Whats next? Money Carsin is focusing on his the Mogul Mode Continues “MMC” project. A dedication to his late Manager Marco Goldin who would put up an inspiring post with the hashtag #MMC.

The “No Hard Feelings” artist is concentrating on being true to himself and uplifting his team while pushing himself. You can check out his latest work by clicking the link. But for now, make sure to watch the official video for “Big Bro” below. 

No Hard Feelings On iTunes

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