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New Visual for Funch the Camden Kid's Single 'Sorry'

Jersey’s very own, Funch the Camden Kid began his rap journey by spitting freestyles in the street and gaining not only experience, but exposure as well. His street freestyler were accompanied by selling drugs which soon after landed him incarcerated. Being locked up didn’t discourage the Camden rapper, he found a way to use the time to perfect his craft. Although, being behind bars can be difficult, Funch says he still found a way to “keep in tune with the music scene.”. Rapping started out as an outlet and form of expression. Shortly after Funch’s steady flow turned into him taking his lyrical precision professionally.

After being released from prison, Funch made sure his family was taken care of the way they needed to be before returning back to the studio. Getting back into the rhythm of things allowed the Jersey artist’s bars to flow freely for everyone to hear once again. His most recently released body of work ‘My Turn’ which dropped May 28th, 2018 took about 8 months to complete. On this project, Funch tapped Grammy Award winning producer JD Walker. He also worked with other top producers from his residential area such as Don Michael Jr, Gliss, D-Lit beats, Notiq, Wayne on the Stix, Sen City, and Go Grizz. Funch’s ‘My Turn’ features Camden artist, Money Carsin, and others such as Tdot iLLdude, G Nutt, Porta Rich, and many more.

This rising artist isn’t new to the rap game considering he has released previous projects. Back in 2006, Funch released his mixtape named “Goldie’s Back” selling 5,000 hard copies then in 2007 “Both Sides of the Bridge” with Oschina and sold 10,000 hard copies. Last year, his “Im Sorry” mixtape sold over 10,000 copies. Funch the Camden Kid has performed all over South Jersey and surrounding city, Philadelphia. He is nowhere near done acheiving his goals and accomplishing his dream, he states “ My ultimate goal is to make great music to touch everyone who is in or has been in my position. I want to help them get through and get rich in the process.”

During a brief interview with the rising artist, Funch was asked about the intro for his “Sorry” music video and asked what it was like growing up in Camden and he says:

“It's way too much to go into every story we would be here all year talking about every experience. But for a example October 2013 on a ordinary day I was on the corner getting to it"selling drugs" talking to a customer when a car pulled up with just a driver no passenger,let off 10 shots I escaped with no injuries but the lady that was buying drugs was shot in the arm she is okay but till this very day I can't pinpoint who or why they was trying to kill me... that's a long list to go down. I see it as god has a plan for me that's why I survived 7 shootouts..”

Funch always incorporates his real life storyline into his music visuals so that people can live the things he’s been through and further connect with him. Fans can expect nothing but greatness from Funch the Camden Kid and his team. The ‘Sorry’ artists is putting it all out there wearing his heart on his sleeve and giving the fans all of him. Funch and his team are producing more work that is set to drop in August 2018.

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