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RayN3RD “Pieces” Together His 2017 Solo Project

Before we had Drake, there was Ja Rule and Kanye killing the game by singing and rapping in their songs. Even now many artists attempt to sing and rap, but RayN3RD has it down to a science.

This triple threat is an independent singer/rapper/songwriter from Dublin, GA. Ray is an artist who’s journey through music began at six year’s old playing drums in various churches. Performing at Magic City, Apache Cafe prepped RayN3RD for the A3C stage sponsored by Squarespace at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA. Where he was able to network with several creatives & artists such as Trae tha Truth, Swae Lee, Cyhi the Prynce, Lil Yatchy, and The Migos. Networking is key !

In 2017, he released his first project, “The Basis” which he wrote, recorded and distributed. One of Ray’s favorite tracks, “Pieces” was inspired by his daily grind. It was produced by Juneaux & Dez Wright and is about honing his craft to make art that expresses himself instead of just an average song or mixtape. Though it only took RayN3Rd two days to write “Pieces”, the process of completing the recording and visuals took over two months due to professional and personal set backs. But the obstacles of finishing the track and visual only pushed Ray harder, a testiment to his hustle and passion for his art.

RayN3RD wants supporters to know that his success isn’t overnight but a long road of hard work and determination. He wants fans to know that just because the journey is hard you have to work by putting together the pieces.

He plans to release an EP in February for the ladies. It’ll be a slower tempo project centered around a loving relationship that began as long distance and endured through distractions and obstalces.

Instagram: rayrayguapo Twitter: RayN3RD Facebook: RayN3RD

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