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Rokeaux Took His Talents From the Virgin Islands To Orlando

Triple threat artist Rokeaux took his talents to Orlando,Fl, after originating from St.Thomas of the US Virgin Islands.The triple threat artist sings, spits and writes his own music.

The Caribbean rapper has been moving in silence with his distinct sound of fusing his island influences with the Top 40 commercial genres. The epitome of Caribbean Hip-Hop, the originality of his raspy voice and the infectiousness of his cadence will have you hooked. He works closely with producers and artists under his collective “Psych Klan.”

At the age of 19, Roko moved to the amusement capitol of the world to pursue his music career and focus on the more popular genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B.

Throughout various networking and developing occasions, his songwriting skills have been been acknowledged and applauded by local and mainstream artists, executives, and producers. Giving him the motivation and reassurance needed to continue his aggressive pursuit to success.His polished, mind-bending lyricism is better than ever and ready to be displayed to listeners worldwide.

Below you can check out the lyric video provided by Roko. The SirRil x Marz Ink produced “Factz” record is so lyrically dense and was written on the spot in one day, so enjoy !

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