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Show Love Rapper Showly Is Bringing Heat Out Of Connecticut With Latest EP

Connecticut is on the come up!

Bridgeport native, Showly is putting CT on the map and making this rap —— look easy! This keen MC heats up the stage with his high energy performances, lyrical battle rap skills, and crowd interaction. Recently, Showly released his latest project “Show Love” featuring artists like Tye Henney, Kai Valor, Krayze, and Janay Saxon just to name a few. The 16-track EP is a thought provoked album but also has street anthems like “Swish” feat Kai Valor and Hardy O.

The 203 rapper is currently promoting his single “Swish.” The track was finished in a three hour studio session. Within 25 minutes of hearing the beat that Crillum provided, Showly and Kai had the hook and the direction of the song. The purpose of the single is to be fun and erratic while still pouring out serious content. The visual contains high speed gritty footage of risqué activity, fast cars with high speed driving scenes, mob scenes and more. The video sheds light on his city that most fans aren’t familiar with. Giving vivid detail of what happens in the bleak streets of Bridgeport.

Official music video for “Swish” out NOW! Also, check out the full track listing and art work of the EP below.

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