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Soulja Boy Plugs His 'Soulja Boy Official' App During Instagram and Facebook Outage

Soulja Boy continues to plug himself and remind fans why he has had the biggest comeback. When the rapper began releasing video game consoles, smart watches, and more, he gained notoriety and started to make his comeback in the entertainment world. For years, Soulja was overlooked and while his music still isn't clicking with everybody, we can all agree that he knows how to market himself and collect the bag.

Today there has been a worldwide outage for both social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, and Big Draco took the opportunity to plug himself. In doing so, he took to Twitter to promote another product of his once again. He continues to grind and in order to collect some more coins, he directed fans to his own mobile application telling them to join Soulja Boy Official today, which showcases a Soulja Chat feature that allows users to connect with each other like a public chat room. He continues to push his app, telling everybody to check out his own network as they wait for IG and Facebook to start back up.

Soulja even goes on to clown Mark Zuckerberg’s social media services stating that the company has far too much money to deal with an outage for this long.

Although the app has been around for some time now, today it’s seeing a spike in the traffic thanks to Soulja’s critical self-promotion timing. One has to admire Soulja’s hustle and marketing tactics.

If your apps are still down, download The Soulja Boy Official app for free for iOS and Android and tell us what you think!

Check out Soulja Boy’s tweets below.

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