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Swizz Beatz’s Major Come Back With Recent “Poison” EP

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

The hit making legend is back with a full-length project! Over the last few months, Grammy-winning super producer, Swizz Beatz has been pushing the promo roll out for his new second studio album “Poison” like crazy. Just back in September, Swizz dropped the visual for “Pistol On My Side (P.O.M.S)” featuring Lil Wayne while wife and singer- songwriter, Alicia Keys graces the piano keys.

Without question the Bronx native’s execution behind the keyboard is legendary. The success of many of today’s hip-hop elite can be attributed to the veteran producer’s musical ear and ability to create hit records. Swizz Beatz has been elevating the music industry since the 90s and early 2000s by effectively cultivating the talent of artists like Jay - Z, Ruff Ryders, and many others. The new EP is his first album release since 2007 when he dropped his debut “One Man Band.” The artwork entitled END OF EMPIRE was created by renowned artist Cleon Peterson. According to Swizz, the piece aims to shed a light on corrupt politics and urging onlookers to fight for justice.

Swizz also credits J. Cole as executive producer on the project. In a recent interview with Fader, Swizz describes how the incidental collaboration came about.

“We were playing each other music, and then we started talking about things other than our projects, books, different things,” he said. “I was playing him songs from the album—before I had all these different sonic elements to the album, before separating them into four boxes. What I played you guys, where it stopped, he was like, ‘That’s the record. The other records you’re playing me, they’re huge, but I don’t think you need it.’”

Swizz continues going on to say:

“Why shouldn’t he get that credit when he brought so many gems to the table? My generation needs to learn how to get along with the new generation anyways.”

The full length project is as great as it was anticipated to be. Continuing his style of hosting hit records, Beatz drops a few bars of his own here and there but it’s really about the fire collaborative features and how he places them together. The concise ten song track list is packed with a lengthy list of talent. Featuring a star-studded line up with appearances by Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Young Thug, Styles P, and more. Take a listen to Swizz Beatz’s new EP below and tell us what you think!

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