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Teyana Taylor Announces Collab With Wu Tang Clan For "Gonna Love Me (Remix)"

Aye! There’s another Wu-Tang Clan collaboration under way. Today, Teyana Taylor took to Twitter to announce a supernova collaboration with the legendary hip hop group Wu Tang Clan, promising to be the next artist to snatch them up for distribution. Within the last week, Wu Tang Clan has been hitting the headlines with dope news. First with the announcement of assisting with the ODB biopic, then Wu Tang’s feature with Logic on his recent project “Young Sinatra IV”, and now this!

It’s confirmed that Wu Tang will be featured on the remix of her lead single “Gonna Love Me” off of her recently released “KTSE” project. The announcement didn’t mention the overall record or its recording process, but that it’s coming soon. Thankfully, a fan asked if the entire group will be featured, and TT clarified that only Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon will be lending vocals. According to the post, it seems as though the G.O.O.D Music performer is anxious for the clearance from production so that she can drop the record. Considering what happened with her latest project, we don’t blame her! This collaboration is going to be a great one and fans are itching for it as well! Check out Teyana’s tweet below.

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