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They Call Her Megatron: Nicki Minaj Drops New Single Paired With Visual

Last week Nicki Minaj appeared on two new high profile releases. A solo single called “Megatron” and “BAPS,” a collaboration from Trina’s new album, The One. This is since last year’s poorly received Queen, in comparison to her previously released album four years prior, The Pinkprint. Unfortunately, gearing up for the release of the album, Nicki was making headlines via her complaints about mysterious Billboard rules, Cardi B beef and more, which took hold and overshadowed the album itself.

Back To Back

Fortunately, each of the new songs are reminiscent of what made Nicki a centerpiece to the rap game earlier in the decade. It seems the old Onika may be making a comeback. On the new Trina Cash Money Millionaires-sampling single, “BAPS,” Nicki’s verse is free, bouncy, and delightfully erotic. As for “Megatron,” it’s minimal in the way a summer single should be. Seemingly designed to be played outside during a cookout as the sun is going down. Nicki is loose and acrobatic without overselling punch lines. Each song suggests she’s capable of regaining the strangle she once had on rap and pop radio.

Sorry, Nerds, Nicki’s “Megatron” Has Nothing to Do With Transformers

If you’re low key a nerd like me, you may have thought this record would have something to do with the science-fiction franchise but, nope. Despite what the track’s title suggests, the video is not Transformers-themed, the character “Megatron” doesn’t make any appearances, and there are no robots present in any of the scenes, unless of course the Lamborghini is a robot in disguise. The title refers to the lyric “They call me Megatron,” which Minaj repeats at the top of the first couple of verses. It’s apparent that has an affinity for this character. Nicki has named this song after “Megatron,” a villain from the popular Transformers franchise as she also takes on his name in this track and has done so before. In fact, “Megatron” is actually one of her many monikers. 

They Call Her “Megatron” 

The Mr. Vegas’ “Heads High” sampled track is the first single Nicki has dropped as the main artist since dropping “Good Form” back in November of 2018. Not only did the Queen of Rap drop the single, she released the dance-hall inspired track with a captivating visual. The music video gives fans an idea of what it might like running into Minaj and her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, at a luxury spa with a nightclub attached drinking Myx Moscato. Throughout the visual, Nicki is seen drinking, dancing, clubbin’, and hot tubbin’. Later she meets up with some backup dancers at an overgrown gas station in the forest where they are all standing around a green Lamborghini. 

With this recent release, Nicki’s “Megatron” became the first solo song by a female rapper to hit No. 1 on US iTunes since “Chun-Li” after only 7 hours of its release. Congratulations Nicki from everyone at Minnee Movement Media!

Take a look at the video below.

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